We’re Alive!

Welcome to SubliminalRealm’s Brand-Spaking New Look!

We’re pleased to announce SubliminalRealm is jumping aboard the web-train and putting ourselves on the cutting edge of modern technology with this, our brand new home on the Information Superhighway. This replaces our earlier Teletext and Telnet gaming news services.

We’ll be posting the latest news about all things game, ranging from great big AAA titles like Call of Doodles right down to the tackiest Steam Greenlit Minecraft clones. We deliver impartial, unsponsored, uncensored journalism on everything in the gaming world from games, gaming events, and other game related news.

Please be aware that we’re huge advocates of PC Gaming and as such this site might look odd to anybody who can’t see above 30fps.


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  1. Jonny says:

    I love being alive, it’s a great feeling!

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