New features imminent for the GTA V Creator

Dan, Alex, Brandon and Steffan receive permanent scarring on their back tissue.

Huge updates are on the way for GTA Map Makers which should really supercharge the Creator. If you’re a map-maker, read on to find out about the sweet features coming your way very soon. If you’ve never made a GTA map, read on anyway because you might just get inspired to go all creative and make some sweet maps!

In the changelog for Ill Gotten Gains Part 2, Rockstar teased a few features about the next update, which is expected very soon! Here’s what they had to say:

We’ve received lots of other fantastic feedback to the official GTA Online feedback inbox from the Creator community about features they’d like to see. One such update that we are currently working on for a next update is a new feature to enable creators to properly stack props, adding proper support for that highly-requested feature powering super fun mega-ramps, loops and parkour courses – please stay tuned for more information on that.

The Rockstar Editor will now let creators properly stack items. This is a godsend. Currently if you want to place a prop it has to be on a dead-flat surface, not touching another prop, and on the ground. This really restricts what you can build, for example currently you can’t place a barrel on a ramp. You can’t place a ramp on a freight container. You can’t even put a freight container on a surface unless that surface is completely flat. It’s really restrictive for map-makers. Now with this new update we’ll finally be able to supercharge our maps with new features like big ramps, ramps on slopes, ramps that’ll make it over walls. Containers can be stacked which will be great for PvP maps – the possibilities are almost endless. Hopefully, it’ll even let you put a barrel sideways on a slight incline (which it currently doesn’t…)

There’s also a bunch of features coming to Director mode including spawning air and water vehicles at will, a bunch of new fonts for your title cards and allowing screenshots from the Rockstar Editor to be exported to Snapmatic (allowing you to take screenshots in motion). These updates should supercharge the already high standard of short films coming out of the GTA V community.

Even better – this update is coming really soon and these huge updates to the Creator and Director mode are not even the biggest features. Read more about the amazing stuff rumoured for the next update here.

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