GTA Online: What’s next?

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As we near the end of August, all signs are pointing towards a new GTA Online update: The GTA 5 Lowlife Update (also known as the Lowrider DLC), which will follow the previous update, Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2. However, some interesting detective work on the GTA Forums could suggest that Rockstar has been following a noticeable pattern in releases which may indicate there may be a lot more to the next DLC!

The GTA Online Release Schedule

The speculation suggests that the updates since the ‘next-gen’ release seem to correspond suspiciously closely to the updates of the last-gen releases. Let’s take a look at the evidence. Here’s the release schedule of the last-gen DLC:

September 2013 – Old Gen Release
December 2013 – Christmas Update
February 2014 – Valentines Day Update
March 2014 – Business Update 1
May 2014 – Business Update 2
June 2014 – The Hipster Update
July 2014 – Independence Day Update
and so on…

Now let’s take a look at the release schedule afterthe next-gen release:

November 2014 – New Gen Release
December 2014 – Festive Surprise Update (similar to the Christmas Update)
March 2015 – Heists (instead of the Valentines Day Update)
June 2015 – Ill-Gotten Gains 1 (similar to Business Update 1)
July 2015 – Ill-Gotten Gains 2 (similar to Business Update 2)
September 2015 – Something similar to the Heists update?
and so on…

We can see that the releases since the next-gen release seem to be following the same theme as the last-gen ones. Of course the months are different, but if you look at the time between the updates, that’s similar too. Not only are the releases set the same time apart, but they seem also to have similar content. The christmas update of course was similar, but the Business update and Ill-Gotten Gains were both two-parters with similar content inside them.

“The next update could be a combination between Flight School update and Hipster update,” said well-reputed GTA forums user funmw2. “The vehicles part from Hipster and the new content (new mission type) part from the Flight School update. It’s my speculation. Because if you take a look at Ill-Gotten Gains, it’s actually one update but have two parts so its a combination of High Life update and Business update. The same thing could happen with this ‘Low’ update.”

What do we know for certain about GTA?

Although the evidence is pretty strong, it’s important to remember that this is all still speculation for now. You can view our article on what Rockstar have said about the next update here.

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